Blockchain Solutions

Who are we?

We are a leading blockchain, mobile and web development company. We render comprehensive all-round software solutions to businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. We understand your business goals and develop software solutions accordingly. We are a one-stop solution to all your software requirements. With the help of our tech experts, for over 15 years, we have consistently ensured that the software solutions we provide are efficient, business-specific and cost-effective.


Our process

Blockchain technology is the most trusted technology used for cryptocurrency development. It helps in the transaction of digital currencies across the globe. Let us understand the processes we offer under blockchain development.


Blockchain development

1. Custom blockchain development

We specialize in custom blockchain development which incorporates complete decentralized exchanges and mining platforms. Take advantage of the proficiency of our blockchain developers and get customized blockchain solutions that align with your business requirements.

2. Smart contracts

We design, implement and optimize smart contracts systems which enable enterprises to automate the transactions in Ethereum and HyperLedger. We have a standardized audit process in place which confirms that the contracts are of high qualilty and are secure.


3. POC development

POC demonstrates the feasibility and potential of any blockchain project. It authenticates the utility and potential of a blockchain project. POC is a prototype that is used for an internal organization so that they can have a greater understanding of the project.

4. Blockchain consulting

Our experts do timely market research and analysis of blockchain technology. They will provide expert advice to guide you on how your business can make the most out of blockchain technology.


Cryptocurrency services

1. Cryptocurrency Development

Our experts develop high-security cryptocurrencies with top-notch features. Apart from developing the traditional cryptocurrencies our experts can also assist you with developing your very own cryptocurrency. These digital currencies are developed considering your business requirements.

2. Crypto payment gateway:

Crypto payment gateway automates the processing of cryptocurrencies for anyone who wants to provide a wide range of payment methods to their customers. Crypto payments are quick and have advanced security. Therefore they are broadly used by businesses across all areas. Crypto payment gateway allows businesses to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum etc directly to your bank account making it more secure.


3. Wallet development

Cryptocurrency development facilitates the generation of multi cryptocurrency wallets. Cryptocurrency wallets enable users to store, transact and monitor their virtual currencies. We are specialized in building customer-specific cryptocurrency wallets.

ICO solutions

1. Token sale platform

The ICO industry has platforms that support token issuers by presenting investor verification, receiving and managing money, securing funds and dispensing the tokens on issuers’ behalf. This allows businesses to concentrate more on the product rather than thinking about the sales of the product.

2. ICO smart contracts

ICO smart contracts is a systematic algorithm that allows automatic transfer of digital assets online. A significant feature of the smart contract is that it reduces the use of intermediary services and ensures an open and secure transaction.

3. ICO marketing services

Our company will render suitable IC marketing services by designing targeted marketing campaigns, aptly customized strategies such as SEO, PPC, Social media marketing and more. ICO marketing not only benefits in the generation of customers but also increases their engagement and retention.

4. Security token offering

Security tokens pass through the Howey test which ensures their security. Security token develops the trust of the investors to invest in multiple projects. Our experts have extensive expertise in everything related to cryptocurrencies. Over the years they have assisted several companies to accomplish their goals and meet the demands.